Too often has science seemed as a mixture of complex formulas jumbled together in a confusing way that is understood only by a select few. My purpose in writing this blog is simple: to show that science is fun.

Do you agree with what I just said? 

     If you don’t, then hang on for sometime by “Scient1fy and I will, hopefully, help you see otherwise. If you do, well, we will have a lot of fun together! “Scient1fy” is, in part, a response to what I, myself, have sometimes felt while doing science- “how and where do all these formulas, laws and deductions stack up to?” So, I’m pretty sure that learning will be a two way process.  The name “Scient1fy”, in itself, tells a lot- create some interesting science-related topics and unify them to evoke an interest.

    So, if one day while you are walking, you start wondering why, when you partly look at the sun, your eyelids appear colored and you think of that crazy “Scient1fy” Blogger who “said something about this, I will know that I have done something.

    Speaking of the colored eyelids, that is just a “light- game”- the same way rainbows are formed except this is a small rainbow that you carry just near your eyes without knowing it- one of the many fascinating phenomenon that occur around us.(and we don’t even know they are there)

    Speaking of fantastic phenomena, another one is called “Diffraction“(Just another name)- it actually  means “the spreading of waves” in normal terms. Think of it this way: have you ever wondered why you can hear a dog barking around a corner although you cannot see him? Well, it’s because of diffraction. Sound from the dog can “change its direction” through the corner or your window (a dog was barking while I was writing this, so that’s how I got the “dog-idea”) but not light. Both sound and light are different intensities of vibration(light being the higher and its nature being different). Enough of these explanations for now.(Actually, for the more adventurous, here’s a more thorough explanation) Just a final word: this principle is present everywhere and used in mobile networks among other things.

      So ask questions(that’s what the scientific method is all about!) and drop by when you are up for some thinking about the one beautiful thing that’s all around and which we are part of –nature!

 Science is like sex, it may have practical benefits in the end but that’s not why we do it.” By Vasish(That’s my name) [plagiarized from Richard P. Feynman]

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