The title that I have chosen for this post may sound wrong or somewhat ridiculous. I mean, how can I possibly write a history of EVERYTHING in about 200 words or so when whole books cannot do it?!

Allow me to clarify:”what does “everything” mean? Everything as in the whole human history, wars, planet Earth perhaps. How about everything as in everything that makes up everything else- the ATOM!

It all began in Ancient Greece. Democritus called it ATOMOS (modern man has removed the ‘OS’ from it). An interesting question immediately arises: “Are you kidding me, if “Atomos” was known for so long, how come my books say it was the 19th century or so that the Atom was discovered?” My humble answer to this question is this:”it was merely re-discovered, only this time, people believed in it!

Look at it this way: “ever wondered why our credulous ancestors thought that they were the center of the Universe or that it was the Sun that revolved around the Earth?” Because they saw the Sun moving in the sky everyday? Come on!(of course that may be a reason but it’s secondary). Rather because that ‘s what they were made to believe!

The same goes for Atomos except this time, it was Aristotle that everyone believed in. Fast forward some centuries later and we have the pioneer of the Atomic field- Dalton(another ‘non-believer’, if I may say). He laid the general outline of the atomic hypothesis(though most of his ideas were later abandoned for their inaccuracies)…To be Continued


(To keep this post brief, I have to stop- “A Brief History…of EVERYTHING is not yet ended-I’ll write more about Higgsy, how Bohr nearly eradicated the most resilient idea in science and much much more….So that’s all folks!…for now)

“What matters in Science is Physics, the rest is STAMP-COLLECTING!” ERNEST RUTHERFORD