Being human is great ! We have the ability to detach ourselves completely from any situation and analyze what we see by our logic. The scientist’s job is not that different, actually (only to a greater degree). I propose a “detachment-exercise” – one that is completely different from everything else. To look at us (humans) from a completely fresh perspective without knowing anything (really nothing) about us.  For this purpose, meet Marty the Martian, a rather peculiar secret agent sent to study us. Guess what , YOU ARE MARTY ! The purpose of this is to make you forget everything that would make you biased towards studying ourselves. So, try it !

Imagine this, I (i.e Marty – You) am on a journey to Earth to study Humans and I know nothing about them. The first thing that I notice is the sublime blue color that emanates from Earth. I wonder where that comes from. I also see greenish-yellow patches here and there and a sort of “fuzziness” that surrounds this blue orb.  Remember, I know nothing about this place or its inhabitants. Using my invisibility armor, I can now observe my main subjects – Humans !

One of the first peculiarities of this “advanced breed of apes” is that it sleeps. What could possibly happen during sleep (Marty never sleeps) ? Some Humans say their souls go away (temporarily). If that is the case, then, if Human souls interact with others in their sleep, i.e with other souls, these “others” must be having the same dream. That’s not the case, so, that’s not a very good theory. Perhaps, like Freud said (Yes, Marty has read “The interpretation of dreams”), dreams fulfill suppressed desires of Humans’ minds. That would take some more time to understand. But I can possibly say that a Human who cannot do something would possibly dream more of that thing than any other thing. That could be somewhat a proof of what the Human Freud said !

At around 7:00 am of the human time system, an “alarm” makes a funny sound and the Humans start getting up (seems like they cannot wake on their own). But wait, what’s this I’m seeing? Unlike every other living thing on the planet, Humans are the only ones comfortable walking on two feet. Could that be the reason why they have come where they are right now? Could it be why they are the only dominating species on the planet? Or, stranger still, why are Humans (Homo Sapiens) the only representative of their species?

It seems like Marty has quite a brain for someone who comes from a place filled with only dust on its surface. By the way, researchers have, indeed, found that it is because we started walking on two feet that we have become so intelligent.

I could continue writing and as you can see, there is so much to write (and think about) even with so little when we look from a detached perspective. These are, of course, my own writings –  what I’ve observed by being Marty. Your Marty could see very different things (and that’s the fun of it!). This Martian perspective was something Feynman did to “see” differently. I take no credit for it. Perhaps I will write more about Marty’s adventures later on as my Marty notices more things.

One of the first pictures of my planet taken by your Curiosity (literally and figuratively).