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A “potpourri” of mindbenders

A “potpourri” of mindbenders!

        These are various brainbenders that I happened to have crossed while reading. They consist of a panopli of questions from physics to mathematics, from simple to complex and from solved to “still being researched”. Some of the sources are from Mathematics Problem Books, others from the “Mad About Physics” series while the sources of the remaining are still a mystery!

       I will add new puzzles and the previous answers in due time. Again, some of the questions have yet to be answered fully(we’ve got a bunch of crazy looking mathematicians and physicists still scratching the heads over them!). So, the answer may not always be so clear. Take your time and enjoy the ride into the unknown world that surrounds you.

1.      Okay, for starters, I’ll just ask you a simple question-one that most are well-acquainted with. If you take one pound of feathers and one pound of iron(or gold or anything metallic), which one weighs the most? (They weigh the same is, of course, not acceptable!) [reference: Mad about Physics-the classical edition]

2.     Now, for a bit of math.To number the pages of a bulky volume, the printer used 1890 digits. What’s the number of pages in the book?(simple algebra does the job!)[reference:The Stanford Mathematicians Problem Book]

3.     This one requires a bit more abstract thinking. The Green-Eyed dragons. So, you happen to visit a remote desert island inhabited by one hundred very friendly dragons(they won’t eat you),all of whom have green eyes. They haven’t seen a human for centuries and are very excited about your visit. The courteous D.s show you around and even talk to you about stuffs(Let’s say they can talk).

     Everything’s fine till now until you find something very strange. If a dragon finds out that he/she has green eyes, then at precisely midnight on the day of this discovery, he/she turns into a parrot after abandoning all powers. But, the dragons never talk to each other about eye color and there are no mirror on the island. So, everything’s been just fine.

     As you prepare to leave, all dragons come to see you off and you thank them for being so kind. You then tell them something they all already know(since they can all see the eyes of other dragons). You tell them that atleast one of them has green eyes(you really shouldn’t have done that). Then you leave, not thinking about the consequences. Assuming that the dragons are infallibly logical, what happens? And, if something does happen, what is this new information that you gave the dragons?[reference:Harvard Physics]

4.     How about a physics classic? This one is known the Newton’s Cradle(the toy in the picture). So, this is a popular toy consisting of five steel balls of the same size and mass, hanging side by side in contact in a row on bifilar support. Pull one back at one end and release it, one ball moves off the other end,…If two are pulled back at the same end and dropped together, two move out together at the other end. Pull back three, release together, and three move out at the other end. Pull back four and…Five and…How do they do that?! The balls can count, right? How do they know?[reference:Mad about physics]


               “I was like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.” Sir Issac Newton


A Classic!

Hey guys,

For the first “Crazy Puzzle”, I would  like to present a “classic“. For those who already have been through it, it is called the “Nine-Dot Puzzle”(if it really matters). Anyway, this one is for you who are seeing this puzzle for the first time.

Just a bit of advice, though, do not try to “google” the solution after several minutes,”just hang on”. Believe me, finding this solution on your own is a big “AHA” and will be well worth the time you took!

So, ready for a “braingasm”( One last advice: “Do NOT limit yourself to the box!)

Here it is:

The Nine Dots

Now the question: Using a pencil(or anything else), try to cover all the dots with 4 straight lines. The catch- you are not allowed to lift your pencil from the paper while making the lines.

I will give the answer in the next post and write some more interesting puzzles!

Till then:

“Logic can carry you from A to Z through 25 alphabets but imagination makes you fly all over them”- By Vasish(Plagiarized from Einstein!)


Okay, now for the solution. I really hope that there have been atleast one person out there who tried to find it.  The answer is quite easy. Remember the hint that I gave above (“do not limit yourself to the box). There was no figurative meaning hidden there. Really, write outside the box, that’s the solution. Here it is:

That’s it then!


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