Hey guys,

For the first “Crazy Puzzle”, I would  like to present a “classic“. For those who already have been through it, it is called the “Nine-Dot Puzzle”(if it really matters). Anyway, this one is for you who are seeing this puzzle for the first time.

Just a bit of advice, though, do not try to “google” the solution after several minutes,”just hang on”. Believe me, finding this solution on your own is a big “AHA” and will be well worth the time you took!

So, ready for a “braingasm”( One last advice: “Do NOT limit yourself to the box!)

Here it is:

The Nine Dots

Now the question: Using a pencil(or anything else), try to cover all the dots with 4 straight lines. The catch- you are not allowed to lift your pencil from the paper while making the lines.

I will give the answer in the next post and write some more interesting puzzles!

Till then:

“Logic can carry you from A to Z through 25 alphabets but imagination makes you fly all over them”- By Vasish(Plagiarized from Einstein!)


Okay, now for the solution. I really hope that there have been atleast one person out there who tried to find it.  The answer is quite easy. Remember the hint that I gave above (“do not limit yourself to the box). There was no figurative meaning hidden there. Really, write outside the box, that’s the solution. Here it is:

That’s it then!


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