Mauritius may be well known for its extinct Dodos, sun, seas and sand but when it comes to scientific research, not much is said to be done. Did I say it’s said? Fact is, there is a centre of astronomical research in Mauritius little known to the general Mauritian. Its name is the Mauritius Radio Telescope(MRT for short) and this comes as close to research as anything.

      MRT is one of those few places that one can call “isolated”- no sign of life for kilometres at end(except for some of the researchers, the nasty dogs, and yes…the birds- it is found in a natural bird reserve). I am one of those lucky few who have had the honor to visit the place and also one of the fewer few who is able to be part of the centre.

      MRT is currently participating in the Callisto Project, whose aim is to collect astronomical data from solar flares and send these to participating countries.(Sounds pretty exciting…believe me, exciting is an understatement).

      I’ve uploaded some pics. But I have to say: do not be deceived by the appearance of the place; as they say “there are more to some things than what meets the eye”

An aerial view(not taken by me, though)

The Start

In which some of the residents are dozing off after a hard day’s work.

The entrance

 This one’s just for show-off; the real thing is in the next pics


That goes on for one kilometer to the right.

And to the left

Another Crazy kilometer.

Some of the native residents(very welcoming)

Sorry for the fuzziness in this pic but that’s when the mother of the native residents saw the strange being who was doing strange things with a camera in its hands and started chasing it.

(Now I know what fight or flight means-I prefer not to elaborate..)

Some insider pics

Room X: Where it all happens!