It would be possible to describe everything scientifically,
but it would make no sense;
it would be without meaning,
as if you described a Beethoven symphony
as a variation of wave pressure. A.E

Does knowing something mean understanding it? We can explain a lot of things (more than I could ever know or imagine) but I wonder and question many things, now. I can see people of a bygone era (when one could sit peacefully under a tree at night), thinking about the world they lived in. One can feel how these thinkers ( I won’t say philosophers) once felt, looking at the starry night, musing and mesmerizing about the beauty of it all. It seems like we have treaded so long in the path of “how” that we have forgotten that a “why” also exists. Today I wonder. We know how our body functions, but do we understand anything about it? We have probed the tiniest of places, but can we stack it all up to something? Do we understand something…anything about us or the world that we live in?

There are two ways to live :
You can live as if nothing is a miracle;
You can live as if everything is a miracle. A.E